Join us at the 18th annual Blue Jeans {& Bowties} Ball on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at the new City Garage in downtown Baltimore!  This isn’t your Grandma’s Gala- we will celebrate the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults mission, honor the hard work and dedication of those who diligently support it, announce UCF’s biggest project to date, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and dance the night away!


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City Garage: 
101 W Dickman Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

City Garage









What is the dress code?
We encourage your finest blue jeans & bowties, of course!  The event is casual but most people are dressed for a Saturday night out!

I’m a young adult, is there a reduced ticket price?
There is!  UCF is here to support young adults impacted by cancer, so we offer a reduced price ticket for young adults ages 15 to 35.  You’ll see the Young Adult price listed when you go to purchase tickets.

Are kids allowed?
The Blue Jeans {& Bowties} Ball isn’t 21 and over, however it’s an evening event and think that you, and everyone else, will have a better time if younger kids wait a few years before they attend.  Teenagers and older are invited.

What’s this “big announcement”?
It’s TOP SECRET.  We kid, sort of.  Let’s just say, it’s UCF’s biggest project to date and we can’t wait to spill the beans at the event and have you be a part of the celebration!

Is there parking at City Garage?
Yep!  There is free parking, but we encourage you to carpool, or Uber over!

What kind of food will be there?
We’ll have plenty of food, but it’s not a full, sit down dinner.  Be prepared to enjoy delicious bites and small plate servings as you mix and mingle throughout City Garage.