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Cancer to 5K is a community-based program that leverages the expertise and enthusiasm of experienced runners to introduce or reintroduce cancer survivors to being active. More and more cancer survivors across the nation are seeking a supportive team atmosphere as they face their diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is committed to expanding this service responsibly and collaboratively. Potential expansion site requirements include:

1. Identification of a “Community Captain(s)” willing to lead the cultivation of the program.

2. Annual financial commitment (sponsorship) of $5,000 (to be secured by the Community Captain(s). This is to ensure that the Cancer to 5K program remains free to participants.

3. Cancer support resources (cancer centers, cancer support organizations and facilities, etc.) within the community.

4. Active and supportive local running community.

5. At least two (2) volunteer coaches, committed to facilitating at least one 12-week training season per year for a minimum of three years.

*Please note – all 2017 Cancer to 5K expansion teams have been established. We are currently accepting applications for 2018 Cancer to 5K expansion teams.

Please contact or 410-964-0202 if you have any questions about the expansion process!