All survivor participants are eligible to complete two seasons of the Cancer to 5K program. If you are a new participant, please fill out the Survivor Registration form. If you have already completed 1 season with the program, please fill out the Season 2 Alumni Registration form.




Can I still participate if I am not a 'young adult'?

Yes! The Ulman Cancer Fund’s services are typically designed to address the needs of young adult cancer survivors, but there is no age limit for Cancer to 5K. Survivors under age 18 must obtain parental consent and attend group workouts with a parent.

Do I have to run the whole time, or can I walk too?

We welcome participants of all fitness levels, and encourage everyone to participate in a safe, regular workout plan – whatever speed you choose!

Can I join the team if I finished treatment a long time ago?

Participation in the program is open to survivors regardless of treatment status. Each team is typically comprised of individuals currently in treatment, survivors recently finished with treatment, and long-term survivors. Each individual will be required to submit a signed Physician’s Clearance form in order to participate.

Do I have to be a cancer survivor to participate in the program?

The training program is reserved for cancer survivors only. However, experienced runners that are not survivors are encouraged to join our team as a volunteer “Sherpa”!

Will I be required to pay a fee or fundraise as a part of Cancer to 5K?

All coaching, training plans, gear, and race registration fees are complimentary for survivor participants. There is no fundraising commitment for survivors, volunteers or coaches. If you wish to support this free program, donations can easily be made online.

What if I cannot attend every group workout?

In order to ensure your safety on race day, participants must be able to attend at least 50% of the team workouts during the season. If you cannot attend a workout, please let the coaches know in advance and they will provide you with a workout to complete at home for that day.

What if I don't live near any of the team workout locations?

Survivors living outside of the team locations are encouraged to join our “At Home”/Online training program. Participants are matched with a virtual Cancer to 5K coach, who will provide them with weekly workouts for 12 weeks, in preparation for a 5K goal race that is local to the survivor. The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults will still cover the costs of training, race registration, and gear.

Can I participate in a race longer than a 5K distance?

Yes, however the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young adults will only cover race registrations up to a maximum of $50. If you choose to participate in a race longer than a 5K distance, you will be responsible for covering the remaining cost.

Can I join the team once the training season has already started?

Survivors may join the team up to four weeks after the season kickoff date. After this date, survivors will be deferred to the following training season.


Please contact or 410-964-0202 if you have any questions!