If you’ve ridden with us before, you’ll notice that we have a new look for fundraising!

In order to improve your experience, we have switched to Neon CRM fundraising system. With this change, there are a few important things to know to get started:

  • Registration & fundraising set-up is now a two step process. You will first login and and pay your $30 registration fee. Be sure to set up an account during registration and remember your password, you will need your username and password to set up and access your personal fundraising page.
  • Upon payment, you will receive an e-mail from The Ulman Cancer Fund (be sure to check your spam filters so you receive this e-mail) with a link and directions to set up your personal fundraising page. You will be able to customize the page however you like, similar to Donor Drive.
  • Team fundraising will work a little differently; each time will now have their own, custom fundraising page. Be sure to enter your Team’s name during registration. We will then create your team’s custom fundraising page, or add you to your team’s existing page.
The RAM Staff at UCF will help with any questions to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please call 410-964-0202 x111 at any time for assistance with registration or setting up your team or personal fundraising page.