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What they SAY

What a shock! A young adult — living life — planning — the future — looking forward to new experiences — and then everything stops… CANCER! It is almost too much to take. This absolutely can’t be! It must be a mistake. But it starts to sink in… I have CANCER. What does it all mean?”
Doug Ulman
The Ulman Cancer Fund has truly made a dramatic impact in the lives of young adults battling cancer… When you know an organization is really making a difference in people’s lives, it’s very easy to support them and feel very passionate about it.
Michael Greenebaum, partner and supporter
Since the founding of The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults in 1997, we have been inspired every single day by our clients facing cancer with determination and bravery, by our dedicated team for their passion, energy, and expertise, and by our amazing supporters who have made possible our work through their enormous generosity and loyalty.
Diana & Lou Ulman, founders
I’m a young adult survivor. I was diagnosed prior to The Ulman Cancer Fund being around, and I know that my cancer would have been more navigable with more resources at my disposal. Being involved is a way to help give back and help others out in their journey.
Steve Friedman, former Chairman, UCF Board of Directors
We are inspired by all who confront cancer, pursue treatment, and collaborate in research to find a cure. We are grateful to share this same passion with The Ulman Cancer Fund as we work together to treat young adults facing cancer at our institution.
Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
There’s nothing like going into a cancer center and seeing these people directly affected. Anything in my power that I can do to help and try to make their lives better, I will. Since I’ve started working with UCF, I’ve met so many inspirational people that keep reminding me why I do what I do.
Matt Brown, long-time friend of and volunteer for The Ulman Cancer Fund
We believe in supporting The Ulman Cancer Fund because, unfortunately, we are still needed. Millions of young people are still diagnosed and need focused support services to navigated the complex cancer world. We also support UCF because this organization embodies our family values of viewing every challenge as an opportunity to solve it.
Jaki & Ken Ulman, Leadership Circle Members
I cannot thank the Ulman Cancer Fund enough for the positive impact that they have on young adults with cancer and for giving me the privilege to raise funds for their organization.
Kiersta Borrego, Team Fight Participant