Beard Off FAQ

Q: What is the Beard Off?
A: The Beard Off is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  The goals of the program are to engage new and existing supporters and raise awareness of the young adult cancer fight by means of a fun beard-growing challenge that encourages conversation and support.

Q: How did the Beard Off start?
A: ‘Twas a dark and stormy night in 2013 when friends Brad Myers and Ethan Percy were engaging in manly banter when they challenged each other to a beard-growing and fund-razing duel to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  Legend of the competition quickly spread throughout Baltimore and beyond and thus, the Beard Off for Cancer challenge was born.  (Pretty sure Ethan crushed Brad in the beard-growing piece). Today, the Beard Off for Cancer has raised more than $100,000 for UCF.

Q: How does one get involved, exactly?
A: Aren’t we glad you asked!  Get involved by signing up to grow your beard out (or shave it down if you already have a beard).  Click here to set up a fundraising page and ask your friends and family to donate towards your mission of supporting young adults impacted by cancer.  Along the way, we encourage you to talk to others about why you’re involved and spread awareness of the young adult cancer fight, and UCF’s services.

Q: I already have a beard, so how do I get involved?
A: Already have a beard?  Consider setting a high fundrazing goal where only once it’s reached will you shave down.

Q: Does it cost anything to get involved?
A: No sirree Bob!  Signing up for the Beard Off is free of charge, which is pretty incredible considering all the awesomeness.

Q: How much do I have to raise?
A: There’s no minimum you have to raise, but we find most fundrazors are able to hit the $1,000 mark easily.  We suggest setting your goal lower, and keep raising it everytime you hit your goal!

Q: When does the Beard Off start and end?
A: The Beard Off generally begins November 1st and ends November 30, but it’s totally up to you when you start and end!  Hit your fundraising goal early?  Go ahead and shave down.  Haven’t hit your fundraising goal by November 30?  Feel free to keep it growing!

Q: How can I get my company involved?
A: Company-wide Beard Off competitions are the BEST!  They’re a great source of team building (see below for how women can be involved), and spur fun and friendly competitions.  We’re happy to come out to your workplace and host a kickoff on how to get started.  We’ve also seen companies challenge other “rival” companies in a fund-razing and beard-growing competition!


Q: I’m a lady, and I can’t grow a beard.  How do I support the Beard Off?
A: Good for you.  While most of our lady friends can’t participate by growing a beard, we’ve had women get involved in the Beard Off by growing out their hair (and even shaving it off!), by promoting their friends’ and families’ pages, hosting Beard Off contests, photoshopping beards on photos, and serving as Beard Off judges.  Get creative!

Q: Where do the funds raised go?
A: Beard Off  funds help provide direct service to young adults impacted by cancer such as Cancer to 5K, the UCF House, College Scholarships, and more.

Q: Is the Beard Off a non profit?
A: The Beard Off is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. UCF’s Tax ID number is 52-2057636.