Founders Award

This award is named in honor of its first recipient, the Ulman Family, who began the organization 20 years ago. The Ulman Family Founders’ Award pays tribute to those individuals who without their dedication, generosity, and genuine compassion for young adults diagnosed with cancer and their families, this organization would not be possible.

The Geaton and Joann DeCesaris Family Foundation

Hope Award

The Hope Award recognizes oncology professionals in the medical, psychosocial and advocacy fields. In their professional practice, awardees demonstrate a passion for creatively addressing the emotional and healthcare needs of young adult patients and survivors. On a daily basis, with appreciation for the science of their own respective fields and the art of compassion, they instill hope in the young people and families they service, and all who work to enhance the lives of young adults affected by cancer.

William Regine, M.D.

Volunteer Service Award

The Volunteer Service Award honors individuals who have selflessly devoted their time and energy to the work and mission of UCF. They have brought boundless enthusiasm, a wealth of experience about how to run organizations, the knowledge of the history of cancer advocacy in Maryland, and ways to motivate and inspire others.

Betsy Serp

Partner Award

The Partner Award recognizes individuals and organizations who have supported the work of the UCF through initiative partnerships. Through these partnerships the UCF has been able to raise funds critical to the advancement of our programs and services. The partnerships have also afforded UCF the opportunity to reach segments of the young adult population who may not otherwise be aware of our services.

Zinnia Films

Young Adult Fight Award

The Young Adult Fight Award celebrates young adults whose lives have been touched by cancer and regardless of prognosis or outcome, have confronted the disease with purpose, grace and fight.

Josh Connell
Jamie Phillips
Angela DeCarlo
Cristal Ortega
Lisa Davis

Family Fight Award

The Family Fight Award honors the dedicated care of families of young adults whose lives have been touched by cancer, and honors the memory of their loved one lost in the fight.

The Oliver Family

GameChangers Award

The GameChangers Award honors young adults who have demonstrated excellence in their profession, shown a commitment to the betterment of their community, and displayed leadership among their peers. The honorees participated in a curriculum designed to serve the young adult cancer community that included engaging volunteer opportunities, education on the young adult cancer fight, and a fundraising component.

Abbey Harriss
Brina Masi Eades
Caitlin Meslar
David Stallings
Dominic Serio
Joshua Gorsky
Adam Van Bavel
Curtis Pope
Kaitlyn LaHart
Katrin Hussmann Schroll
Leslie Cumber
Mary Josephine Holuba
Molly Sjurson
Neerja Razdan
Rachel Klein
Sarah Miller
Travis Klein