The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults’ Body of Young Adult Advisors (BOYAA) seeks to foster a culture of leadership, service, advocacy, and cooperation among young professionals ages 21-40 who share our passion for the young adult cancer movement.

By leveraging the enthusiasm, diverse work experience, and broad skill sets of local young professionals, we hope to expand our impact on the local community and ensure that no young adult faces cancer alone.


BOYAA Leaders


Alex Feinberg

Brina Furman

Emma Stillman

Kristen Van Leen

James Cumber

Joanna Freeman

Kelly Schwab

Mike MacPherson

Mike Tirone

Rishi Jain


BOYAA Ambassadors


Kevin Courtney

Nathalie Denham

Kim Labarge

David Snyder

Geoff Gamble

Marissa Hayes


BOYAA Members


Shayna Baddock

Amadu Bah

Kevin Barnett

Lauren Barnett

Patrick Bauer

Samantha Bento

Megan Collins

Rachel Curasi

Mike Curtin

Lisa Davis

Jaime Ebersole

Carly Foland

Catherine Gamper

Christina Giblin

Benjamin Gutierrez

Caitlin Hilber

Abby Holmes

Fernando Ibanez

Kara  Karabias

Amanda Kesler

Kristen Lamb

Sarah Lane

Scott Lehmann

Monique Lubaton

Britta Nissen

Steve Norris

Kate Roe

Whitney Sharpe

Patrick Sheridan

Megan Solinger

Jean Sonni

Ben Struble

Meighan Sweeney

Jakiya  Terrell

Julia Thumel

Deirdre Torto

William Walton

Amanda Weaver

Caitlin Williams