Is Cycle to Inspire a Non Profit Organization?
Cycle to Inspire is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. The Ulman Cancer Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The UCF’s Tax ID number is 52-2057636.
Where does the money go?
The funds raised from this event go back into our mission to ensure that no young adult ever faces cancer alone. This event will fuel and expand our patient navigation program and assist with the ongoing operation of the Ulman House.
What is my role as team captain?
You are our go-to guru for your team. All communication for the event will be directed towards you, and you are responsible for relaying information to your team.
Do I need a team of four to register?
Each team consists of 4 riders, who will each do a 45 minute session, or you can go solo and do all four sessions yourself. The fundraising minimum for a solo rider is $1500. 
What happens if my team doesn't meet the minimum fundraising amount?
If your team does not meet the FUN-driaisng minimum of $1,000.00 the captain will be charged the remaining balance, but don’t worry our Fundraising Guide will give you all the tools you need to crush your fundraising! 
How long do I ride for?
If you are on a team, you will ride for one 45 minute session. If you are a solo rider, get ready for four 45 minute sessions! 
What do I wear?
You will be provided one Cycle to Inspire t-shirt when you check in. You are welcome to rep this top during the event or save it for a later workout. Closed toed shoes are required. Clip in cycle shoes are not required. *UCF is not responsible for lost or stolen items at Cycle to Inspire. 
Can we wear team t-shirts?
Absolutely! Feel free to get creative and make themed apparel – prize for the team with the most spirit! 
What do we do when my team members are riding?
Sing along, dance to the music, and cheer your team on. We’ll also have additional information about Ulman’s impact and light refreshments to refuel before or after your session. 
Will there be food and drinks?
We will have water, light refreshments, snacks, and coffee during the event. 
When does registration open and where do I check in?
Doors will open at 8AM at Baltimore Soundstage, the entrance is on the corner of Market Place and East Lombard. 
Where do I park?
Parking is available via Parking Garages (above venue) for an additional fee, but we encourage ridesharing and carpooling! 
I roll deep...can I bring my family and friends?
Due to the limited size of our venue and participations additional guests (including kids) are not allowed to attend the event. 
How can my company get involved?
Please email for more information on Corporate Sponsorship opportunities.