#facingtheissues, by Julie Lanahan

Stuart Scott

All of us here at the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults had heavy hearts when we learned about Stuart Scott’s passing earlier this month at the age of 49 after a courageous battle with appendiceal cancer. He was loved by his family (he leaves behind two daughters – Sydni and Taelor) and beloved by his fellow ESPN colleagues, sports fans, athletes, the cancer community, the world.

When he was awarded the Jimmy V. award at the ESPYs in July, he gave a poignant speech about how despite everything that cancer had thrown at him, he intended to live life on his own terms. He was not going to let cancer dictate how he lived.

Scott gave us all a different perspective on the cancer fight. It wasn’t about winning vs. losing…it was about living each moment that you have with meaning and with purpose.

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

A cancer diagnosis can rob anyone of living their life in the manner they had always imagined. That was not the case for the late Stuart Scott and should not be the case for anyone living with or surviving cancer.

Scott lived with an incredible zest for life on his terms despite his cancer diagnosis. “He didn’t just push the envelope,” says sports radio host and former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick. “He bulldozed the envelope.”

In the David Wygant’s article below, he asks: “If Stuart Scott could crawl into your body, what would he do with your life?” Let us know.

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