Yesterday the Baltimore Business Journal released an article which stated our hopes to acquire the rights to several of the Tri-Columbia races. The article, written by Sarah Meehan, summarizes CEO, Brock Yetso’s, open letter of intent, which was released yesterday.

“When the Columbia Triathlon Association said its race events would go on as planned, the organization didn’t exactly specify how that would happen.

Brock Yetso, CEO of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, says he has an answer to ensure at least some of the races continue. The Ulman Fund wants to acquire and produce all five of TriColumbia’s races in Howard County — the Columbia Triathlon, the Iron Girl half marathon, the Iron Girl Columbia triathlon, the Kidz Triathlon and the Celebrating Heroes swim.

Yetso said the Ulman Cancer Fund, which was founded in Howard County, is ready to take over the races. The Ulman Cancer Fund has experience putting on its own events, and it’s one of the charities TriColumbia benefits.

‘We’ve put on events, running events, triathlon events,’ Yetso said. ‘We’ve been in the business 16 years so we have ideas of what events need to happen.'”

You can read the rest of the Baltimore Business Journal’s article by following this link

And you can read the Open Letter to our Community here

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