After more than two decades of awarding funds to young adults impacted by cancer for their higher education, the Ulman Foundation has decided to discontinue its scholarship program. In our consistent pursuit to meet the most urgent needs of the community we serve, we have determined that focusing the funds and time at our disposal on our programs which address the pressing practical and psychosocial needs of current patients and new survivors best aligns with our mission and current capabilities. Please join us in honoring the hundreds of students who have used their awards to increase their knowledge after living with cancer or supporting a loved one living with cancer, and to thank the many donors who have supported their learning and growth.

We offer the following suggestions as you search for scholarships: 

The National Collegiate Cancer Foundation
Mission Control – use search term “scholarship” in our resource directory – scholarships for students impacted by cancer
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
LLS Blood Cancer Survivor Scholarship

2020-21 Scholarship Winners

Matthew Alvarez
Jill Weaver Starkman Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Tarzana, CA

Kyle Cicalese
Mary Barton Freeman Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Leesburg, VA

Patrick Ferguson
Sean Silver Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Abigail Hennessy
Mary Barton Freeman Scholarship
Hometown: Rockville, MD

Brianna Howard
Kimberly Keith Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Deale, MD

Jill Jackson
Sean Silver Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Geneva, IL

Gabriel Jose Paguada Matteson
Perlita Liwanag Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Arlington, VA

Aliyah Pando
Jill Weaver Starkman Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA

Kiera Robinson
Kimberly Keith Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Severn, MD

Kanuri Roundtree
Jill Weaver Starkman Memorial Scholarship
Hometown: Hoover, AL

“Cancer has taught me the need for community, partnership, and cooperation. I will use my cancer and my education to reach my full potential, not just for personal gain but also for the benefit of others who have given much to me.”

-Andrew E., Survivor & Scholarship Recipient 



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