This World Cancer Day we invite you to think globally, but act locally. Think of the individuals near you impacted by cancer and how you can strengthen your community by reaching out and changing their lives for the better.

“Myth: We don’t need to talk about cancer. Truth: While cancer can be a difficult topic to address, particularly in some cultures and settings, dealing with the disease openly can improve outcomes at an individual, community and policy level.” –  Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) – Myth 1 About Cancer

UCF gives you the opportunity to talk about cancer in a very specific way. Everyday 70,000 people from the ages 18 – 39 are diagnosed with cancer, but receive the least amount of support of any other age group. Use today as a chance to debunk the myth that cancer shouldn’t be talked about and get active in fight against it. Click to learn how to get involved with UCF today and everyday.

Head over to World Cancer Day to learn of the other cancer myths and how to debunk them. Cancer effects us all, but everyone can do their part to fight it.

Cancer Changes Lives…So Can YOU!